Is your dog afraid of scary sounds?

Then Brave Puppy is for you! It only takes a few minutes to develop resilience and confidence... help your dog for FREE today!

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Why does Sound Socialisation Work So Well?

Imagine for a moment that you are afraid of spiders. Everytime you see one cold chills run up and down your spine, and you have flashbacks for days later. How would you feel? That's what a sound sensitivity is like for your dog. As their feared sound commences they begin to become anxious, their heart beats faster, and life seems to narrow. Given enough exposure they can even develop full-blown phobias. However you can help them, through sound socialisation.

When you use Brave Puppy you can slowly expose your trusting friend to these 'scary' sounds, and assure yourself that they are free of any aversions or phobias.

How Do I Use Brave Puppy?

Why did we develop Brave Puppy?

Blessed with a pair of beautiful Labradors, Kasi & Luna, we faced two significant challenges. Luna was overly sensitive to sounds, and Kasi was hyper-excited by them. Both problems were the inspiration for Brave Puppy.Kasi & Luna

We used Brave Puppy with little Luna to expose her to as many 'scary' sounds as we could; starting at a low volume and gradually increasing the volume until the sounds became normal, and no big deal. Luna is now a happy, confident girl who doesn't react even during our app testing phase (lot's of new sounds with each update).

Kasi, on the other hand, was particularly excited by the sound of children. Training exercises or walking calmly on the lead were impossible near children's playgrounds or schools. Again we used Brave Puppy to play these sounds in a 'calm' environment to reduce her immense excitement when hearing these sounds. She no longer reacts but she does look for the 'crying baby' hoping to soothe it with a toy.

Curated Sounds

85+ expertly curated sounds to assist your dog.

Favourites List

Pin the sounds you are working with so you can easily find them.

Supports Charity

10% of ALL revenues go directly to the Blind Foundation NZ.

Bluetooth Compatible

Compatible with Bluetooth speakers for biggest impact.

Family Library Ready

Multiple Users? No probs. Brave Puppy is family library ready.

Responsive Developer

We have our finger on the app, and are active in adding new sounds and features. Look out for the record your own sounds update.

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